5 Tips for Year-End Giving With Your Donor Advised Fund

The season of giving is upon us, and many of us are thinking about giving to the causes we value most. If you have an FFTC Donor Advised Fund, now is a great time to use it to support your favorite charities. Below are a handful of tips and reminders that can help make your giving easier this holiday season.

  1. Contribute to your donor advised fund now
    Many nonprofits are beginning to make year-end appeals for support. Be prepared to respond by contributing funds to your donor advised fund early. For fast and efficient giving, we recommend the use of electronic contributions to your fund, such as ACH transfer.
  2. Consider non-cash assets
    Remember that you can make a charitable impact with stock and other non-cash assets. Refer to FFTC’s stock transfer instructions to ensure gifts of stock are properly allocated to your fund. Please notify our team at with stock transfer details.
  3. Research the organizations you may wish to support
    There are many nonprofit organizations doing amazing work in our communities. For help identifying and evaluating organizations, refer to the helpful tips in 10 Things to Look for in an Effective Nonprofit.
  4. Allow adequate time for grant requests to be processed
    This is the busiest time of the year for giving and grantmaking. Recommend your grants early to ensure your grants make it to your favorite nonprofits by the end of the year. Grant recommendation deadlines vary from year to year, so be sure to check the FFTC website for exact dates. In 2023, for charities that are already on FFTC’s eligible organization list – which is searchable on MyFFTC – recommend your grant by December 15. For those who are not yet on the list, please submit your request by December 8 to allow for due diligence to be performed.
  5. Make your grant requests using MyFFTC
    For the fastest and most convenient way to give, use MyFFTC, our donor portal, to recommend grants to your favorite charities. If you are not yet registered, establish your online account today.

The FFTC team is ready to help you experience the joy of giving this season. Contact your relationship manager or for support.

If you don’t have an FFTC Donor Advised Fund, now is a great time to open a one with tax-deductible contribution. Contact to learn more.

Thank you for your generosity during this holiday season – and all throughout the year.