Neighbors Who Inspire

Mervil Paylor, Maker of Art and Friends, Knows All About Leaving a Lasting Impact Artist Mervil Paylor’s Back Yard is

Community Leader Dee Dixon Sees a Problem – And Sets Out to Solve it  

His Appreciation For Those Who Helped Him Succeed Guides His Charitable Vision.

Generosity is a tradition in the Ayscue family. It brings a sense of community connection to each member, no matter

Libby Randolph Left a Lasting Legacy That Continues to Help Others

From entrepreneur to investor to eternal philanthropist

Irving Bienstock's mission is to tell the story, challenge hatred and support the causes that keep Judaism and love alive.

The George D. Patterson Family Fund benefits nonprofits that address animal welfare needs in the Charlotte region and beyond.

Much Has Been Written About Dr. Ophelia Garmon-Brown, The Trailblazing Family Physician, Hospital Executive, Impassioned Community Leader, Missionary and Ordained

Read about a couple who wanted to host their upcoming wedding in a venue that both serves the community and

Part retreat, part conference center, part weekend getaway, part farm, part agritourism destination and part mission to prove the concept

In this first-person piece, Laura Philipson explains why she and her husband are inspired to give back to their community.

Asbury family helps Concord students reach college dreams.

At 89, William Williamson wants to continue to help shape Charlotte for decades to come.

The civil rights lawyer had an unwavering determination to fight for those less fortunate.

Professor Nish Jamgotch’s unique legacy honors local humanitarians.

MapAnything makes a lasting impact by pledging 1% equity to FFTC.

Earl Willie and his late wife, Margaret, left a planned gift to support the causes they cared about.

Jeanne Martin Brayboy is revered throughout the Charlotte area for her dedication to many causes.

Sally Gambrell Bridgford Finds Harmony in Life, in Yoga and in Leading her Foundation.

For Alice Williams Davis, church, family and community guide her philanthropic journey.

From farmer to executive to humanitarian, Bill Barnhardt took joy in sharing.

Retired general’s commitment to education and service endures through a charitable fund.

Beloved schoolteacher Nell Rose Bates was an unlikely philanthropist whose generosity will touch children’s lives for many years to come.

Sisters’ passion for education endures through legacy fund.

The Luskis share their love of art with the community.

Couple uses donor advised fund to establish Lenora Borchardt Spay Neuter Center.

Family's Civic Legacy Lives on at Belk Place.

Years later, Lucille Giles’ unrestricted gift continues to touch lives.

Planned Gift Entrusts FFTC to Carry Legacy Forward.