5 Ways to be philanthropic – beyond giving money

We often think of philanthropy purely in terms of large financial donations. Philanthropy is much more than that. Here are a few ideas for ways to support your favorite charity that doesn’t require an enormous financial gift.

  1. Offer in-kind donations
    Donate gently-used, functional technology, supplies, office furniture and other necessary operational items to supplement financial gifts.
  2. Give time and talent
    Offer your time and skills as a volunteer to help build capacity and further the mission of your favorite charity.
  3. Advocate and spread the word
    Increase the visibility of organizations and causes you care about by educating your personal, business and community networks.
  4. Request a matching gift
    Ask your employer about matching programs, which can often double your impact. Many companies will match charitable contributions dollar for dollar.
  5. Encourage collaboration
    Encourage organizations to partner with other agencies working toward similar goals. By leveraging one another, they can expand their reach and make a bigger impact.

Source: FFTC’s Center for Personal Philanthropy’s Strategic Giving Guidebook

Rebekah Allison serves as VP, Center for Personal Philanthropy, at FFTC. Dedicated to serving client needs, she assists individuals and families with current giving strategies, grantmaking and legacy and succession planning.