A Modern Venue for Modern Love

This is a story of boy meets boy and falls madly in love. One which the couple has proudly titled, “The Pandemic Romance.” And one in which they wanted to host their upcoming Charlotte wedding in a venue that both serves the community and values inclusiveness.  

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Each Other – Pandemic Style 

Of all the places to meet someone, Brandon Williams and Travis Spivey met via a Facebook Group. Travis – a makeup artist and hairstylist in Charlotte – posted a photo one day, and Brandon – who lived in Florida at the time – was awestruck. He sent Travis a friend request, which led to a fun game of liking and commenting on each other’s photos for a couple months.  

Chapter 2: Falling in Love 

Then one day Travis made the first move, sending Brandon a message expressing his interest. Brandon reciprocated.  

They started having virtual FaceTime dates for hours at a time every night for a month until Brandon took a chance and flew to Charlotte. They each immediately knew the other was the person they had been waiting on their entire lives.  

Chapter 3: Finding the Perfect Venue 

Travis proposed to Brandon on Dec. 4, 2020, with friends and family watching. They promptly began searching for the ideal venue to host their big event.  

On the list? The event venues at 220 North Tryon, located in Foundation For The Carolinas’ headquarters building in Uptown Charlotte. Travis and Brandon toured the space and felt an immediate connection. They loved the art-filled space and city views, and the couple felt welcomed from the start. 

Travis and Brandon trusted the expertise of the 220 North Tryon event staff to host their perfect wedding. And they were especially impressed by the way they were respected for who they are as a couple. The 220 North Tryon team was invested in their story from the beginning and connected the couple to a trusted wedding planner and other vendors. 

In addition to these selling points, 220 North Tryon had another unique benefit: It is managed by Foundation For The Carolinas, the local community foundation. The couple liked supporting an organization that gives back to the local community and that is purposeful about being inclusive. Revenue generated by events at 220 North Tryon also allows FFTC to offer complimentary meeting space to nonprofits and to share its art gallery with the public, free of charge. 


A social media connection has morphed into a modern love story, one with many chapters yet to be written as Travis and Brandon embark on their new lives as a married couple.  

The next chapter will be the wedding itself, which will bring to life their commitment to inclusivity. Every vendor and company involved is female-owned or managed. The event will feature live music, as well as a special performance at the reception, with singers and readers representing the diversity of our community. And they will walk down the aisle to an a cappella version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” 

220 North Tryon hosts weddings, receptions and other celebrations, as well as business meetings. Contact Marla Neely at to learn more.