Meet Jonathan Dry

Jonathan Dry

Jonathan Dry, Managing Director with MBL Advisors in Charlotte, works with high net worth families, business owners and corporate executives. His wealth management practice includes focusing on charitable giving in their current and long-term planning


1. Describe Your Relationship With Foundation For The Carolinas.

I’ve worked with FFTC for several years and joined the cabinet of professional advisors in 2020. I am an advisor to entrepreneurs and business owners, and several of my clients have established donor advised funds and have assessed gifting strategies for private business interests through the assistance of FFTC.


2. What Value Does Your FFTC Partnership Bring To Clients?

The professionals at FFTC are always accessible to discuss any needs our clients or even potential clients may have. They take a long-term view of relationships, which allows us to make introductions and discuss creative strategies with clients showing charitable intent. We have also found value through the Investment Alliance relationship, which allows us to advise our clients in coordination with FFTC. This brings continuity when advising multi-generational clients.


3. How Do You Encourage Clients To Consider Giving As Part Of Their Overall Estate Plans?

The joy of advising entrepreneurs is that they are constantly wanting to create impact. As they build value in their company and community, the conversation eventually shifts to how this plan can be carried out and how their family can get engaged. Conversations around donor advised funds and private business interests help clients realize how their legacy can continue to be defined well after their death.


4. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your clients’ giving?

COVID-19 has prompted numerous giving conversations. Many clients, particularly those in smaller communities, have wanted to increase their giving knowing that many small businesses and other charitable organizations are in need. Leveraging resources at FFTC is one way our clients can find opportunities to ensure funds get to where they are needed the most.


5. What Would You Like To Share With Colleagues Who Haven’t Yet Partnered With FFTC?

FFTC has been a tremendous resource. FFTC has enhanced my ability to serve my clients’ charitable goals whether in Charlotte or surrounding communities. FFTC’s regional affiliate foundations allow for clients to keep their giving locally focused while leveraging broader resources and expertise.