Meet Kerri Mast

Kerri Mast

Kerri Mast, a Senior Vice President with Brown Brothers Harriman, is a valuable FFTC partner. As a professional advisor, she works with clients to incorporate charitable giving in their current and long-term planning.


1. Describe Your Relationship With Foundation For The Carolinas.

I have had a long relationship with FFTC, dating back to 2003. As a wealth planner for business owners and families of generational wealth, and a former practicing attorney, many of my clients have partnered with FFTC to create philanthropic vehicles. I have also served on FFTC’s Cabinet of Professional Advisors. In addition, I once worked at FFTC as the VP of Planned Giving.


2. What Value Does Your FFTC Partnership Bring To Clients?

One important aspect of our partnership with FFTC is our Investment Alliance Relationship, which allows our clients to maintain their current investment manager and strategies. This is important to clients because it streamlines the administration aspects of giving and allows them to focus on the grantmaking.


3. How Do You Encourage Clients To Consider Giving As Part Of Their Overall Estate Plans?

I have learned over the years that the tax benefits – though there are many – are not the primary driver of philanthropy! Many clients give after reflecting on the legacy they wish to create. As their advisors, we want to help them accomplish their goals in the most tax-efficient way, so we will guide them on timing, asset selection and structure. But it starts with listening and trying to understand what they wish to accomplish.


4. What Would You Like To Share With Colleagues Who Haven’t Yet Partnered With FFTC?

FFTC is a terrific partner. Many advisors know them for their ability to handle complex assets, such as real estate and business interests, and for sponsoring donor advised funds. But you can call on them for so much more! FFTC brings tremendous expertise on a variety of philanthropic matters. They also serve the community by making connections that allow philanthropists to be more effective.