For the Hansens, Giving is a Family Affair

Philanthropy has long been a part of Mark and Tina Hansen’s lives. “We’ve always had the philosophy that when we are blessed, we want to bless others,” said Tina.

One of those blessings was a stake in a multi-generation, family-owned business that was started by Mark’s side of the family. With the dividends they were paid and their other income, the Hansens regularly supported nonprofits and causes they valued. And when the management team announced a merger during a call with shareholders, it meant financial liquidity for the Hansens.

“There are obvious tax consequences to any kind of financial windfall, but a benefit of the consequences is that it can prompt greater philanthropy,” said Mark. “We’ve been philanthropic at a lower scale for more than 20 years. This opened up greater opportunities, and we knew that we wanted to dedicate money for charitable giving and to involve our children (who are 23 and 26) in it.”

At the suggestion of their trust attorney, Christian Perrin, Mark and Tina met with Foundation For The Carolinas and established a donor advised fund. Since then, they have used their FFTC fund to support causes and nonprofits they care about, including Roof Above, Loaves and Fishes, Humane Society of Charlotte and others. They’ve also used their fund to involve their children in the family tradition of giving.

Last fall Mark and Tina gave their son Evan and daughter Kaelin the opportunity to make their own philanthropic decisions. “We told them you’ve each got five grand,” said Mark. “Designate where you want it to go, and we will make it happen in your name. They both came back with charities, and we made the grants. We’re trying to instill in them that they have a voice in our philanthropy and hopefully there will be money for them to be philanthropic in the future.”

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