Catalyzing Change Within Corporate Philanthropy

Community Investment: Corporations Giving More When Times Uncertain

Trend: Post-pandemic, companies are committing to a culture of “corporate responsibility” in new and exciting ways.

In a world where corporate responsibility extends beyond the balance sheet, companies are increasingly recognizing their role in shaping communities.

Since 2020, the Foundation has seen a 13% increase in new corporate giving funds, including a 50% increase in new Center for Corporate Philanthropy clients last year alone. Many of these new funds are FFTC Corporate Donor Advised Funds – a powerful philanthropic tool that simplifies and streamlines how companies of all sizes give back to their communities. Nationally, corporations increased their giving by 3.4% in 2022 compared to 2021 (according to Giving USA 2023, an annual report featuring national philanthropic data).

“We believe that nobody should have to choose between dinner and rent or gas and groceries.” – Adam Bass, vice president of pricing, Food Lion, and president of Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation

This shift in corporate philanthropy is exemplified by companies such as Food Lion, Bojangles and TELUS. Over the last few years, these FFTC fundholders have focused their giving strategies on causes that are meaningful to their employees, such as food insecurity and support services to military veterans and their families. The result has been an increased wave of corporate commitment that benefits our region and beyond.

FFTC remains a steadfast partner to our region’s most generous companies – illuminating the path that leads to a world where corporate philanthropy isn’t just a responsibility, it’s a catalyst for a brighter future.

Feeding Hope, Fueling Change

The Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation – the philanthropic arm of Food Lion – is rooted in a mission that echoes compassion and empathy, ensuring that no one faces the heart-wrenching dilemma of forgoing essential needs.

“To celebrate our company’s 45-year anniversary, we established the Bojangles Foundation and designated $45,000 to help with literacy.” – Ken Reynolds, executive director of the Bojangles Foundation

Legacy of Literacy

In 2022, Bojangles, inspired by the local restaurant chain’s 45th anniversary, decided to allocate $45,000 to bolster literacy efforts through the Bojangles Foundation Fund – a corporate donor advised fund established at FFTC. Communities across Bojangles’ footprint were invited to apply for grants to support their literacy programs. The response was overwhelming – 44 organizations received grants, nurturing a culture of learning and growth.

Empowering North Carolina’s Youth

When TELUS – a Canadian-based technology company – opened its first U.S. branch in North Carolina in December 2022, they were committed to creating meaningful change in the agriculture and consumer goods sectors through technology. Also on their minds: expanding the company’s distinctive philanthropic footprint by engaging local leaders to support grassroots organizations serving vulnerable youth. To make this happen, they established an FFTC Corporate Donor Advised Fund to facilitate giving in the U.S.

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