Through its FFTC Corporate Fund, Food Lion Fights Food Scarcity

Grants support community partners’ efforts to provide food and nutritional education in their local communities.

Food Lion believes that no one should have to decide whether to buy groceries or pay rent. That’s why the company established its Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation with FFTC’s Center for Corporate Philanthropy, which works with businesses of all sizes to develop philanthropic strategies and manage funds that address broad financial and charitable goals.

“We believe that nobody should have to choose between dinner and rent and gas and groceries,” said Adam Bass, vice president of pricing for Food Lion and president of the Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation. Bass’s leadership has steered the Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation to contribute $2.8 million to hunger relief initiatives through their corporate donor advised fund since it was opened at FFTC in 2021.

In 2023 alone, $785,000 in grants were granted to 221 nonprofit organizations across Food Lion’s 10-state reach, as well as a donation of $165,000 to Feeding America to fuel child hunger programs. These grants serve as a local lifeline for entities dedicated to eradicating hunger and promoting nutritional education. Grants to local nonprofits include, among others:

“As part of our commitment to the towns and cities we serve, Food Lion takes pride in being active in the community,” said Bass. “Our Corporate Donor Advised Fund at FFTC has been instrumental in allowing our charitable foundation to give back to these communities through the grants we provide.”

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Loren Allison is a Content Specialist of Communications, at Foundation For The Carolinas.