Why We Give: Elizabeth McNair Ayscue

Generosity is a tradition in the Ayscue family. It brings a sense of community connection to each member, no matter their age.

Elizabeth McNair Ayscue’s mother left a financial gift when she passed, which Elizabeth and her husband, Skeet, used to open a donor advised fund at Foundation For The Carolinas. Over the years, this fund allowed them to grow their charitable dollars and support causes they were passionate about. It also helped them teach their children, Rebekah and Spencer, about the importance of giving.

Elizabeth and Skeet regularly talked with their children about giving gifts, and they all got excited about the things they could do for other people. Often, the more involved they were with a nonprofit, the more they were inspired to give and volunteer.

Their children are adults now, and Rebekah, Spencer and his wife Megan are involved volunteers for their own community causes. In 2021, Elizabeth and Skeet wanted to surprise the children with a meaningful gift, so they reached out Rebekah Allison, vice president, Center for Person Philanthropy, and asked for help opening donor advised funds for the kids to manage. The FFTC staff kept the gift a secret and made sure that everything was in place before the new year.

When the children opened the gifts over the holidays, they were so excited. They asked, “Is this money for us to give away? Or to save and grow?”

The answer was: “Both!”

Elizabeth said the gift empowered their kids to help others.

“They now have stories to tell us!” she said. “If you’re considering this type of gift, my advice is to do it now. … And use the FFTC staff as a resource! Their staff is very helpful, knowledgeable and can make the process a great experience.”