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Supporting the Families of Fallen Healthcare Workers

Barry Morrison was a registered nurse in the Chicago area for 38 years, serving in the U.S. Navy before devoting his life to healthcare, working in psychiatric hospitals, pediatrics and home health, as well as training new nurses.

In March, Barry became ill with COVID-19 along with three family members. Sadly, he succumbed to the disease, leaving behind five children and his wife of 45 years.

portrait of Barry Morrison

To honor the healthcare heroes on the frontlines of the pandemic, like Barry, the Brave of Heart Fund was established at E4E Relief, FFTC’s subsidiary that provides employee disaster and hardship relief programs to five million people globally.

The Brave of Heart Fund provides charitable grants nationwide to surviving families of healthcare workers and volunteers who lost their lives while caring for others during the pandemic. Grants ranging from $15,000 to $60,000 help cover short-term expenses such as funeral costs, as well as longer-term needs such as medical bills and education costs for dependents.

The New York Life and Cigna Foundations started the fund with initial contributions of $25 million each. New York Life is providing up to another $25 million in a dollar-for-dollar match for donations from individuals, and Cigna is providing free emotional and behavioral health services for surviving family members. Other companies and more than 2,000 individuals have donated to the fund as well.

After his daughter learned about the fund through her work at Bank of America – a $5 million supporter of the effort – Barry’s family received a grant to help with living and funeral expenses, including his burial at a veteran’s cemetery. He had been the family’s single source of income. His wife said, “This help has been a godsend … I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through financially.”

Beyond the Brave of Heart Fund, E4E Relief has seen unprecedented activity during the pandemic. Since 2020, more than 154,000 employees across the globe have applied for assistance to date, and emergency relief grants totaling $134 million have been disbursed.

Take a closer look at the Brave of Heart Fund, which is honoring fallen healthcare heroes on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Tara Keener is Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications at FFTC.