Meet Christian L. Perrin

Christian L. Perrin is a board-certified specialist in estate planning and probate law. His firm, Perrin Legal, focuses on trust, estate and business matters and often helps individuals and businesses incorporate charitable giving in their current and long-term planning.

1.Describe your relationship with Foundation For The Carolinas.

During my 16 years of practicing law in Charlotte, I have partnered with FFTC to serve clients who want to make meaningful charitable gifts to a reputable community foundation in our city. I also serve on the
Foundation’s Cabinet of Professional Advisors.

2. What value does your partnership with FFTC bring to your clients?

FFTC offers a sophisticated and high-value team that is versatile in facilitating charitable gifts of cash, marketable securities, real estate and closely held business interests. For example, a client who is considering forming a private, non-operating foundation may be pleased to learn that FFTC offers a charitable structure that can accomplish the client’s objectives and avoid the administrative complexity of a private entity.

3. How do you encourage clients to consider giving as part of their estate plans?

Reminding clients that they can define their own legacy often results in clients meaningfully considering charitable gifts to be realized both during their lifetime and at their passing. Other clients are encouraged to learn that charitable giving can be part of certain tax mitigation techniques.

4. How do you help your clients engage the next generation?

Some clients are concerned about the impact that an inheritance may have. Creating a donor advised fund has the benefit of being a process rather than a single-gift transaction. Also, a family-advised fund established during your lifetime can be used to engage and educate the younger generation about stewardship and gratitude.


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